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blog pictures 835I tried a new grain free concoction yesterday. I found this recipe on the SCD web-site and then changed a few things. I have never really thought to put apples and egg together before, but really liked it. You can find the original recipe here. Here is what I did though:)

–cooked 1 green apple cut into small pieces (cooked in a little coconut oil-I also added a little water to the pan to help soften up the apple)

–added cinnamon and 1/4 tsp stevia

–after apple cooked until soft, I added 2 eggs and scrambled it all together

–when done, place in bowl and top with a dollop of yogurt and pecans

Another favorite of mine lately is this:

Coconut milk yogurt w/ frozen berries and pecan piecesI have been loving homemade coconut milk yogurt with frozen cherries and blueberries and then topped with pecan pieces. All I need to say about this is–YUM!

I did get to go skating last night. I still didn’t feel the best, so I would skate a little and rest a lot! Had a good time with my kids and hubby though.

Here are some pics of the fun!

blog pictures 845

Me with my oldest son

blog pictures 848

Me with my other young'uns

blog pictures 855

My hubby and me-again:)

Oh, this was pretty funny. When we paid to go in and I was letting the lady put the arm bracelet on me, she said “You’re going to be brave and try to skate?” Uh, hello–I may be 40, but I’m NOT dead yet!! I DO know how to skate. The most challenging part of the skating was having to go to the bathroom–with skates on:)! My mom’s friend said I must be having a really hard time turning 40 because I wanted to go skating! What is wrong with these people? Am I supposed to stop having fun just because I turned 40? Good grief!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Did you do anything fun? I’m learning that life goes by too fast to not enjoy it!


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I can’t believe this is the first of November. This past week just flew by. I was out of town for two days and from then on it was just a whirlwind. I went to visit my Grandmother who was having surgery on Wed. Of course traveling means packing food which can be a hassle. I planned out my meals and snacks but ended up staying a little longer than I had planned so by the time I got home, I felt like I could eat the whole house! It was funny though how everyone was inspecting what I was eating and thought everything looked really good. I’ll have to say, I have not felt deprived at all since starting the SCD. My husband is also now doing SCD and he lost 6 lbs. this week! He has a lot to lose, but that’s a great start!

Although this week has been extra busy, it has been exciting. I have a couple of new additions to my kitchen! The first cool thing I got was from my mom. She got me an electric griddle that is really nice. I love anything that will help my cooking go faster! I have really been enjoying the sandwich bread on the No More Crohn’s web-site. This bread is not made in a loaf but on a griddle like a pancake. It is amazingly tasty. Now that I have a griddle, I can make more at one time instead of only a few in my skillet. The other new addition to my kitchen is the cookbook ‘Everyday Grain-Free Gourmet’. I am so excited to finally have this book. I have had my eye on it for weeks. I can’t wait to try some of the recipes and I’m sure it will help me to cook a variety of foods that I otherwise wouldn’t make.

Speaking of variety, I tried a chicken and squash soup that is also on the ‘No More Crohn’s’ web-site that was awesome. I don’t think I would ever tire of this soup. If you have never visited this web-site, you definitely should check it out! It has been a life saver for me:) The soup is pictured above. It’s a perfect fall day recipe.

Well, I’m off to can applesauce:) I found apples for 99 cents a pound yesterday at a fruit market!

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