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blog pictures 835I tried a new grain free concoction yesterday. I found this recipe on the SCD web-site and then changed a few things. I have never really thought to put apples and egg together before, but really liked it. You can find the original recipe here. Here is what I did though:)

–cooked 1 green apple cut into small pieces (cooked in a little coconut oil-I also added a little water to the pan to help soften up the apple)

–added cinnamon and 1/4 tsp stevia

–after apple cooked until soft, I added 2 eggs and scrambled it all together

–when done, place in bowl and top with a dollop of yogurt and pecans

Another favorite of mine lately is this:

Coconut milk yogurt w/ frozen berries and pecan piecesI have been loving homemade coconut milk yogurt with frozen cherries and blueberries and then topped with pecan pieces. All I need to say about this is–YUM!

I did get to go skating last night. I still didn’t feel the best, so I would skate a little and rest a lot! Had a good time with my kids and hubby though.

Here are some pics of the fun!

blog pictures 845

Me with my oldest son

blog pictures 848

Me with my other young'uns

blog pictures 855

My hubby and me-again:)

Oh, this was pretty funny. When we paid to go in and I was letting the lady put the arm bracelet on me, she said “You’re going to be brave and try to skate?” Uh, hello–I may be 40, but I’m NOT dead yet!! I DO know how to skate. The most challenging part of the skating was having to go to the bathroom–with skates on:)! My mom’s friend said I must be having a really hard time turning 40 because I wanted to go skating! What is wrong with these people? Am I supposed to stop having fun just because I turned 40? Good grief!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Did you do anything fun? I’m learning that life goes by too fast to not enjoy it!


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blog pictures 696

Check out this load of stuff my hubby won at the health food store!! I don’t think I have EVER won anything in my life, so I don’t even bother to sign up. He signed up and told me he would win–guess he was right! This nice backpack was loaded with all kinds of goodies! I think pretty much all of it is gluten free, but not corn, rice etc. free:) So, my hubby will be doing most of the munching on this bunch of goodies. I bet there are almost a dozen snack bars! There was a bottle of body wash, coconut water (which I will gladly drink), hemp protein, acai fruitein, gluten free ‘granola’, single servings of peanut butter and almond butter and more!! There were also some herbal remedies, but no thanks! I am on enough of those already:)

Speaking of remedies, I think I am finally getting closer to what really works for me–I think:) I went to the ND last Friday and was complaining to her about my terrible cravings for things that I am NOT supposed to have. I thought it was because I was eating a high raw diet and not feeling satisfied. Well, come to find out, it was my hormones!! You can read about my journey into Peri-menopause here. She told me to increase my natural progesterone cream and I am feeling WAY more balanced (I have opted to NOT use any prescription hormones for my symptoms.)  Man, hormones can do scary things to our bodies. She is also ordering yet another herbal remedy to help balance my wacky body. I am already feeling a HUGE difference though. I have not touched anything ‘illegal’ since my visit on Friday!! Whew!

So, now that I am not wanting to eat everything in my town, here is what I am doing. I have been fixing this raw cereal every night before bed to have the next morning and it is really satisfying me.

blog pictures 689

I know, it’s not very pretty, but it works for me:) Before bed, I put the following in a bowl: 1/2 cup quinoa flakes, 2 tbs. sunflower seeds, 2 Tbs. pumpkin seeds, 1 Tbs. hemp seeds, and 1-2 Tbs. raisins. Then I add 1/2 cup coconut milk and 4 Tbs. coconut water (which sweetens it all). I put this in the fridge until morning. Then I add 1 Tbs. hemp protein powder and some cinnamon. Mix and dig in:) Soaking things is key for me to have a happy belly! Last night, I actually soaked the seeds and raisins seperate in some water left out on the counter. I think they ‘soak’ better that way. That keeps me happy for a good while.

Then about mid-morning, I make some green juice. Today, I tried cabbage in my juice after seeing that on Maggie’s blog. It was yummy. No picture though, because it went down the hatch:) Thanks for the idea Maggie!

I have been able to wait longer to eat drink lunch since doing the raw cereal and juice. I have really just been wanting smoothies for lunch.

blog pictures 474

I’ll usually have a snack involving a little fruit in the afternoon. Yesterday, I was inspired by Averie to pull out my ice cream maker. I made a sorbet with frozen cherries, strawberries and half banana. Oh, I also added 2 Tbs. raw cocoa nibs. Blended it up and threw it in the ice cream maker:

blog pictures 691

If anyone makes this, you may want to add some agave or something. It wasn’t quiet sweet enough, but it worked for me.

For dinner, I have been having a BIG salad! No pictures–oops!

I also recently came up with a bread recipe that I can finally feel good about eating. I will post more about it another day, but I made my own flour with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat, quinoa, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The only other flour in it is a little coconut flour. I have always hated the fact that gluten free breads are loaded with all kinds of starches–that I can’t digest–and they are usually pretty refined and high carb. My homemade bread doesn’t have any of the typical starches in it, is pretty good in protein and not refined and high carb. I took a piece to my ND to let her try it and she loved it! So, now I have a  sprouted bread that is technically grain free and very healthy:) YUM!

Gotta run now, today is our first day of another year of homeschooling:)

God Bless!!

Added note: I think I have had too much of a good thing with the seeds in my raw cereal! I tend to quickly forget that I can’t do so many seeds three days in a row! My belly is NOT happy at the moment. So, I am trying a new raw breakfast in the morning. Stay tuned:)

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I don’t know what is up with me and coconut mishaps lately, but boy am I getting annoyed! Okay, let me back up. In my last post I was sharing how my blender was messed up and caused all sorts of problems in my attempt to make coconut milk. Well, a couple of days ago, I was making raw coconut milk–in my NEW blender–and I was planning on using the pulp from the coconut milk for something else.

blog pictures 686After making this milk, I had the towel that I squeezed the milk through laying on the dehydrater. I was planning on drying the pulp to use it in some raw coconut treats that the ND said I could try. Well, about two minutes before I was ready to put the pulp in the dehydrater, my son walked in. He proceeded to pick up a towel to dry his hands and guess which one he picked?! Yep, the one that had coconut pulp in it! My beloved coconut went ALL over the floor! It was a total accident, but I cried none-the-less. No pictures of the mishap because who wants to take pictures when they are crying! Well, I got over it and my hubby went and bought me more coconuts the next day:) I just have to start over now for the raw dry coconut treats.  I have heard the saying all my life–“Don’t cry over spilled milk” but in my case it was coconut!

Here is another new coconut experiment that I made lately.

blog pictures 677Wine cooler anyone? This isn’t really a wine cooler, but I bet if I drank enough of it, I could get pretty toasted! This is coconut water kefir diluted with plain coconut water and cherries. This kefir is POTENT!! You can read here how to make it and the benefits of it. It does have sort of a wine cooler taste which I am not a big fan of. It’s not bad diluted though because the plain coconut water sweetens it some. There is NO way I could drink this kefir straight! Anyway, just some food drink for thought.

Another experiment:

raw sweet tator chips

raw sweet tator chips

These were pretty tasty, but a little hard on my sensitive gut. If I make them again, I would also try to slice them a little thinner. I put them in a gallon size bag with coconut oil, cinnamon and a little salt and shook to coat. Then dehydrated until crispy.

Lunch yesterday:

raw spinach and sunflower seed 'burger'

raw spinach and sunflower seed 'burger'

This is something else the ND told me about (only she used carrots). I blended up spinach, soaked sunflower seeds, green onions, cumin and I don’t remember what else. Made into patties and dehydrated.  I made these pretty thin, so I actually had two patties in this ‘burger’.

raw 'burgers' with raw cheese

raw 'burgers' with raw cheese

Last, but not least, is my breakfast from this morning:

100% raw breakfast cookie

100% raw breakfast cookie

This is NOT the typical cookie with oats. I have found that I do better when I don’t eat oats–even gluten free ones. This cookie is made with Quinoa Flakes. I know some people (Heather:) are not a fan of these flakes, but when it’s the ONLY ‘grain’ you can digest, you learn to make the best of it:) Quinoa is not even technically a grain. Anyway, I put quinoa flakes, 1 Tbs. hemp protein powder, 1 Tbs. raw sunbutter, raw coconut milk, organic raisins(new food for me–keep your fingers crossed), raw agave,  and cinnamon. I try not to use agave much at all, but felt like this would need it since quinoa does have a distinct flavor. I am allergic to stevia so that is not an option for me. I let the cookie sit in the fridge over night and gobbled it up after yoga this morning! I WILL be making this on a regular basis! You can find the original recipe here.

So, these are just a few of my yummy eats lately! Have you tried anything new lately? I would love to hear about it:)

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blog pictures 630I have been learning a very important lesson lately–sometimes you just have to look at life from a different angle:) Today really challenged me with that. I was supposed to go to hot yoga tonight and well, I didn’t make it. I went in my son’s car which has been having some issues. I got almost all the way there and I had stop at Wendy’s to pee! Well, when I came back out, the car would NOT go in reverse. My hubby had to drive an HOUR to come and fix it so I could get home. By that time, yoga was over. So, I basically drove an hour to go pee at Wendy’s! How exciting, huh? Well, as I was sitting there waiting for my hubby, I was really tempted to get angry and cry because I missed my yoga class. Then God reminded me that it would do absolutely no good to get angry or upset. I am growing by God’s grace:) I used my time to catch up with a couple of people I had not talked to and had some really enjoyable conversations. I am learning to look at things differently than I used to and that makes me happy!

Today was day 4 of being on the strict diet that the ND put me on. I can honestly say that I felt semi-‘normal’ today! Yay! My energy was better today and my tummy has been very pleased. The weirdest thing about this strict diet is that I don’t feel deprived. Maybe it’s just because I am so hopeful that this is going to work, but I think it’s more than that. I think my body is happy that I am actually eating things it can absorb. I feel very satisfied and have NO cravings for things I’m not supposed to have. I am finding that I am less hungry and I think that is because my body is being nourished with foods I can handle. When I’m eating things that I can’t absorb, I never feel satisfied and nourished.

I am eating pretty much the same things every day. Usually oatgurt for breakfast and lettuce wraps for lunch. I am usually not really hungry at dinner time, so have been just eating some sprouted dehydrated buckwheat with berries and coconut milk.

blog pictures 620

My lettuce wraps are surprisingly tasty and filling.

blog pictures 625I fill them with homemade sauerkraut, chopped spinach or sprouts, green onions and sprouted sunflower seed mix(see pic below). There is also a tiny piece of raw cheese in there that the ND said I could try–we’ll see.

blog pictures 613This seed mix is pretty good. It’s a little spicy to just eat by itself, but a tiny bit in a wrap gives some good flavor.

I started a batch of veggie kraut today.

blog pictures 622The cabbage and carrots are under three big cabbage leaves with a gallon bag of water to press down on top. This will ferment for a week and then be filling for my wraps.

I also had my first experience with Rejuvelac today. I cheated though and put it in a smoothie–so, I have no idea what it really taste like and I’m not sure I’ll ever go there:) I figure as long as I get it down, that’s all that matters.

My family went to the drive in movie last night and I SLEPT through the entire movie!!! I tried SO hard to stay awake and just couldn’t do it. Today has been better though. It is 10pm and I am still awake–yeehaa! I better not push it though so I am going to bed now. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

What lessons have you been learning lately?

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This may be a lengthy post–so hang on to your hats:)

Today has been an interesting day. I woke up at 4:30am with my tummy still rebelling from something. The key word there is ‘something’! By 6am, I was starving! So, I had some ice cream. Ice cream for breakfast is always a good thing and this ice cream was SO healthy–I didn’t even have to feel guilty.

blog pictures 448This was inspired by Heather’s green ice cream. I don’t remember exactly what I put in mine. I know it had coconut milk, coconut milk yogurt, spinach, PlantFusion protein powder, carob, honey and guar gum. When I got it out of the ice cream maker, I thought it looked just like mud! Well, it certainly didn’t taste like mud. I had it for dinner last night because I didn’t feel like eating anything else and then had it again this morning.

With my ice cream breakfast, I also had my sprouted bread that I mentioned in the last post. Sorry, no picture! I had to put it promptly in the freezer to keep from gorging on it. It was THE BEST gluten free bread I have EVER made!! I have read that soaking grains makes them taste better and boy am I a believer! I am now experimenting with a fermented (kind of like sourdough) gluten free bread. Guess what I’m using for the ‘sourdough’ starter–OATGURT! WooHoo:) I am trying to get away from using tapioca and arrowroot starch. The fermented bread doesn’t have startches like that. It is also yeast, dairy and egg free–without me having to tweak it. Now, that’s amazing! Here is the link for the soaked bread that I ate this morning.

Gluten Free Sprouted/Soaked Multi-Grain Bread

I had an appointment with my nutritionist today. It was pretty depressing. Basically, she doesn’t know what to tell me anymore. It’s NOT her fault. My body just has a mind of it’s own and it doesn’t want to co-operate. She has told me everything she knows to tell me, and well, things just aren’t working. My food diaries are not very helpful these days because most of the time, there is no rhyme or reason for my pain.  The only good news was that I have maintained my weight since my last visit. So, after THREE years of her trying to walk me through my eating disorder and my Celiac and other food allergies, I walked out without making another appointment. I have been a HARD case for her! I walked out feeling like a hopeless case–BUT I CAN’T let myself stay there! So, what did I do?

blog pictures 452I bought a book:) Have I ever told you what a SUCKER I am for books? Well, I LOVE books! Unfortunately, that is what I want to buy when I’m feeling bummed out. Now, you may be asking yourself why on earth I bought a raw food book. Good question:) Am I going raw? No. I bought it because it talks a lot about fermenting and soaking and sprouting. I am ALL into that these days! Plus, it has really pretty pictures! I love books with pretty pictures even more than boring books:) My hubby will probably shoot me when he sees it, but I figure with all the money I’m going to save by not going to the nutritionist–Hey, this is cheap! By the way, if you are interested in the raw diet, you should check out LovIN my tummy!

I took a spinach smoothie with me to my appt. and then when I got home I had:

Cherries with dark chocolate and coconut milk

blog pictures 419AND:

An allergy free snack bar that sweet Marissa recommended. I put just a smidgen of sunbutter on it:)

blog pictures 447

So, what’s for dinner? I HAVE NO IDEA!

I need a nap! I AM going to post the recipe I use for coconut milk yogurt and my bean burgers ASAP. This post is just getting too long:) So, stay tuned for recipes! I’m going to crash now! Be back later when I can actually type!

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”  Psalm 62: 5-6

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blog pictures 320I have really been into spinach smoothies for breakfast lately. I have had one every morning for I don’t know how long. Well, yesterday  I finally decided to give something else a try. I think I am developing a slight addiction to oatgurt:) I have been putting it my smoothies, but I wanted to just eat it in a bowl this time–with some yummy stuff on top!

blog pictures 429When I went to the health food store the other day, my daughter found this nut free, dairy free, gluten free trail mix. I almost didn’t buy it because it was just one more pricey thing to add to my already expensive food budget. But, it was on sale and she begged me to get it for myself. She was getting a treat and felt bad that I couldn’t have what she was having. Isn’t that sweet:)? So, I bought it and am SO glad I did. My breakfast consisted of the following:

3/4 cup oatgurt

1/4 cup coconut milk

1/4 cup trail mix

1/2 scoop PlantFusion protein powder

a little stevia

My belly was VERY pleased! I had the same thing for breakfast today–only a tad bit more:) Whew, I’m stuffed. I rarely feel full when I eat, but this did the trick!

I tried something else new this week.

blog pictures 425This is some spinach (gotta get my spinach in) and red bean soup that I made and topped with Miso. I have never had Miso before and I really liked it. I’m all into trying new fermented foods because I think they are really helping my gut to heal. This picture doesn’t look very appetizing but it tasted really good. It was pretty filling too.

blog pictures 435For snack yesterday, I had frozen berries with homemade coconut milk yogurt (more fermented food:) and a little stevia. I just love how it gets all icy. Talk about brain freeze though! Oh, I also had a sunbutter bar. I was really hungry yesterday! Lots of yoga and walking worked up a good appetite.

blog pictures 436Last but not least, I had a very yummy homemade bean burger on gluten free flax bread. I really want to post this recipe–I just keep forgetting! I was a little nervous about eating the bread due to the fact that I don’t digest a lot of grains very well. I was really craving it though and I am happy to report that I had NO tummy trouble last night! Yeah! I think my digestion has been better this week and it feels REALLY good:)

Note added later:) I think the bread got me! Tummy is NOT happy today. Pray that the sprouted bread that I talk about below will work:) I also realized that the bread AND the bean burger BOTH had egg in them. I was hoping I could sneak them in, but evidently  not. Will try bread mentioned below without eggs. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I found a recipe for gluten free soaked/sprouted whole grain bread online last night. My gluten free grains are soaking as I type this. I’m really excited about this bread. It will be like a gluten free version of Ezekiel bread! YeeHaa! I figure if I do so well with fermented oats, I should do well with sprouted bread. I found some really good articles about sprouted bread and why it is good for you, but I’ll have to share more about that later:)

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.” Psalm 40: 3

I am so thankful to God! I have been praying for Him to show me what foods will help me and He is doing that! I have not felt deprived this week. He is helping me to be satisfied.

I hope you have a fabulicious Sunday!

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blog pictures 397I was in the kitchen pretty much all day yesterday with my lovely daughter helping me!  I have a very busy next few days so I wanted to get some things made ahead of time. First of all, I am happy to say that I have been able to put oatgurt in my smoothies without having tummy issues–so far:) I’m thinking the oatgurt is good for my digestion becaue it is fermented and pretty much already ‘digested’ for me. Yummy! It really helps keep me full longer than a smoothie without it. I use gluten free rolled oats instead of oat grouts and it works perfect.

blog pictures 360After my breakfast smoothie, I got a chicken ready to roast. This is not just any old chicken! This chicken was raised by a young teenage boy at my church. There is NOTHING added–hormones, antibiotics etc. He raised them with a movable pen so they got fresh grass to eat every day. This took a tremendous amount of work and I am so thankful to have a ‘clean’ chicken.

blog pictures 364

Then it was time to get my first batch ever of homemade Sauerkraut started. Why am I making sauerkraut? Well, I’m not sure. I don’t know if I will even like it but I am learning that fermented and sprouted foods are good for my tummy.

blog pictures 370My mom always told me not to play with my food, but this was fun! I had to squeeze the coleslaw after adding salt to release the juices. This is what makes the brine for the sauerkraut to ferment in. It will take about a week for it to be done and I’ll have more on it then. Stay tuned!

blog pictures 328Time for some sprouts! I sprouted mung beans a few days ago which was really cool.

blog pictures 336I mostly ate them with cooked veggies and chicken. I had some left though that were going to go bad if I didn’t use them. So, I made veggie burgers with sprouts.

blog pictures 386These weren’t done yet, but they turned out perfect! I will post the recipe for these later. These ‘burgers’ were the sturdiest veggie burgers I have ever made. Sometimes homemade veggie/bean burgers don’t want to stay together to well.

blog pictures 384My daughter had fun getting her hands in the mix! She is such a blessing:) She loves to cook! Of course, she doesn’t eat a lot of what she cooks(picky, picky).

blog pictures 390She also made this fabulous looking peach cobbler–which I am very sad that I can’t eat. Her dad will love it though!

I really wanted to make some coconut flour muffins, but I was pooped after all this! Maybe I’ll get to that this evening. I haven’t had a muffin in a while because I have cut out eggs. I tried adding eggs in last week for breakfast (scrambled) and I had some issues, so we’ll see.

Now, for my verse of the day. I was going to have this on a seperate page, but then realized that it doesn’t seperate them by date. I’ll just leave it here for you:)

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  Psalm  73:26

I’m glad to know that even when my flesh fails me, God is my strength!

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