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Whew! I had a busy weekend! How about you? Saturday we went to my father-in-laws 60th birthday party–no pics–forgot camera. I had a good time, but ate things I shouldn’t have. Hey, my belly was already a wreck so I took my meds and went for it. Sunday was a potluck after church. I did NOT cheat that day–yay for me. I only had a little salad and had something else when I got home. 

As busy as my weekend was, my week is about to explode into major busyness. I have a busy work week, but the best part is that my middle son is turning 18!! My other two are 19 and 14! Good grief I feel SO old!! We are having to put off the party for a bit though because… 

My hubby and I are leaving Friday for our 2oth anniversary/2nd honeymoon!!! We will be gone for a whole week with no teen drama, no work, just lying around on the beach and relaxing. We are planning a big birthday bash for when we get back. I am SO looking forward to a vacation. I’m sure I will miss my youngin’s terribly though!! It will be weird to not have them around. My husband and I have never gone anywhere for a week without them–except once (went to Nashville and met Heather) and that wasn’t really a vacation for the hubby because it was for work. I on the other hand had a great time–HI HEATHER 🙂 

Okay, so on to food. I am back into sprouting! 


I experimented with sprouting some last year and thought it was pretty cool and easy. But, the main reason I did it was for digestion.  I am SO stubborn that I just keep trying grains and they just keep NOT working. I am sprouting some quinoa, buckwheat and oat grouts to see if I can handle sprouted grains any better. Not sure if it’s going to work though. I’m also sprouting mung beans and broccoli sprouts. 

Remember the buckwheat pancakes I used for bread the other day? Well, I had the pancakes for breakfast the next morning. 

buckwheat pancakes with strawberries

 Buckwheat is not technically a grain but my belly did NOT appreciate this! Sad 😦 And, I have also realized that I may need to go on a low oxalate diet to help my female issues. I’m waiting to hear back from my ND as to whether this is something I need to try. Believe me, I don’t want to do it if it isn’t absolutely necessary. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail, but some of my main foods that I depend on are VERY high oxalate–like spinach, almonds/almond milk, stevia and chocolate–heaven forbid!! There may be some major changes to my diet coming soon, but I am choosing to just focus on today 😉 Worrying about what may be coming is a waste of my energy. 

Matt:6:27 “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” 

Did you do anything special this past weekend? Any fun vacation plans?

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I got up this morning really dragging! I went out to sit on the deck to just chill for a bit. While I was sitting out there, I kept thinking things like “I really should go for my walk, I really should get ready to go to town, I really should do some house work” etc. etc.!! Then the thought occured to me-“WHO SAYS that I have to exercise in the morning instead the afternoon or evening, and WHO SAYS that I have to be in town by a certain time, and WHO SAYS that I have to spend my day off cleaning when that is what I do all week as my job”? So, I ended up talking on the phone with my mom for a while and just chillin’. It felt good to not pressure myself for a change!

I eventually came inside for breakfast but couldn’t decide if I wanted eggs or a smoothie. Well, WHO SAYS I can’t have both?! I fixed some eggs and this yummy spinach smoothie:

strawberry spinach smoothie

I have learned that I don’t do real well with bananas, so I usually use strawberries in my smoothies. I have also learned that strawberries aren’t quite sweet enough to take the green taste away. So, I have been sweetening with this:

strawberry stevia

I only have to use about an 1/8 of a tsp. and my smoothie taste like a strawberry shake. WHO SAYS I can’t have a shake for breakfast? 🙂 I used 1-1/4 cups unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 Tbs. hemp seeds, stevia and gobs of spinach.

For lunch, I really wanted a sandwich. I found some all natural turkey that I think I’m in love with. I had seen on Greek Yogurt’s blog some buckwheat pancakes and the thought occured to me to use that for my ‘bread’. WHO SAYS I can’t have a sandwich on pancakes?

turkey and lettuce sandwich w/ broccoli and toffuti sour cream

And for dessert (you know I HAVE to have dessert:)

1/4 piece of bread w/ smidgen of sunbutter and all fruit preserves

I then ended up having to take Samson to the vet which was VERY traumatic for him! He is okay–on antibiotics and deworming meds. He also has a boo-boo on his head that she had to shave and clean up a bit. The visit cost me an arm and a leg, but hey, at least I know he’s okay 🙂

I don't think he likes my camera!

 He wouldn’t let me get a good picture and the ones I got turned out too dark.

I finally got around to exercising! WHO SAYS yoga can’t make ya break a sweat?! I did this yoga circuit workout and it always kicks my tail!! When I first found this workout online, I thought it looked pretty easy–well, the first time I did it, I was VERY sore the next day!! Depending on what kind of yoga you do, it can be just as good a workout as weights or anything else. And the advantge of doing yoga–you get to lay on the floor when you’re all done 😉

What are some ways that you tend to pressure yourself to do things a certain way–ex. exercise at a certain time etc.? Can anyone else relate to me on the WHO SAYS revelation?

The Bible says that we are accepted because of Christ-NOT because we do things a certain way!

Eph. 2:8-9 “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God–NOT BY WORKS, so that no one can boast.”

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blog pictures 696

Check out this load of stuff my hubby won at the health food store!! I don’t think I have EVER won anything in my life, so I don’t even bother to sign up. He signed up and told me he would win–guess he was right! This nice backpack was loaded with all kinds of goodies! I think pretty much all of it is gluten free, but not corn, rice etc. free:) So, my hubby will be doing most of the munching on this bunch of goodies. I bet there are almost a dozen snack bars! There was a bottle of body wash, coconut water (which I will gladly drink), hemp protein, acai fruitein, gluten free ‘granola’, single servings of peanut butter and almond butter and more!! There were also some herbal remedies, but no thanks! I am on enough of those already:)

Speaking of remedies, I think I am finally getting closer to what really works for me–I think:) I went to the ND last Friday and was complaining to her about my terrible cravings for things that I am NOT supposed to have. I thought it was because I was eating a high raw diet and not feeling satisfied. Well, come to find out, it was my hormones!! You can read about my journey into Peri-menopause here. She told me to increase my natural progesterone cream and I am feeling WAY more balanced (I have opted to NOT use any prescription hormones for my symptoms.)  Man, hormones can do scary things to our bodies. She is also ordering yet another herbal remedy to help balance my wacky body. I am already feeling a HUGE difference though. I have not touched anything ‘illegal’ since my visit on Friday!! Whew!

So, now that I am not wanting to eat everything in my town, here is what I am doing. I have been fixing this raw cereal every night before bed to have the next morning and it is really satisfying me.

blog pictures 689

I know, it’s not very pretty, but it works for me:) Before bed, I put the following in a bowl: 1/2 cup quinoa flakes, 2 tbs. sunflower seeds, 2 Tbs. pumpkin seeds, 1 Tbs. hemp seeds, and 1-2 Tbs. raisins. Then I add 1/2 cup coconut milk and 4 Tbs. coconut water (which sweetens it all). I put this in the fridge until morning. Then I add 1 Tbs. hemp protein powder and some cinnamon. Mix and dig in:) Soaking things is key for me to have a happy belly! Last night, I actually soaked the seeds and raisins seperate in some water left out on the counter. I think they ‘soak’ better that way. That keeps me happy for a good while.

Then about mid-morning, I make some green juice. Today, I tried cabbage in my juice after seeing that on Maggie’s blog. It was yummy. No picture though, because it went down the hatch:) Thanks for the idea Maggie!

I have been able to wait longer to eat drink lunch since doing the raw cereal and juice. I have really just been wanting smoothies for lunch.

blog pictures 474

I’ll usually have a snack involving a little fruit in the afternoon. Yesterday, I was inspired by Averie to pull out my ice cream maker. I made a sorbet with frozen cherries, strawberries and half banana. Oh, I also added 2 Tbs. raw cocoa nibs. Blended it up and threw it in the ice cream maker:

blog pictures 691

If anyone makes this, you may want to add some agave or something. It wasn’t quiet sweet enough, but it worked for me.

For dinner, I have been having a BIG salad! No pictures–oops!

I also recently came up with a bread recipe that I can finally feel good about eating. I will post more about it another day, but I made my own flour with sprouted and dehydrated buckwheat, quinoa, sunflower and pumpkin seeds. The only other flour in it is a little coconut flour. I have always hated the fact that gluten free breads are loaded with all kinds of starches–that I can’t digest–and they are usually pretty refined and high carb. My homemade bread doesn’t have any of the typical starches in it, is pretty good in protein and not refined and high carb. I took a piece to my ND to let her try it and she loved it! So, now I have a  sprouted bread that is technically grain free and very healthy:) YUM!

Gotta run now, today is our first day of another year of homeschooling:)

God Bless!!

Added note: I think I have had too much of a good thing with the seeds in my raw cereal! I tend to quickly forget that I can’t do so many seeds three days in a row! My belly is NOT happy at the moment. So, I am trying a new raw breakfast in the morning. Stay tuned:)

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I go back to the ND today! My appetite has been like a yo-yo this week which is really stressing me out! I can’t wait to talk to her more about my diet etc. I’m going to ask her about adding some foods back in and see if that helps me feel more ‘normal’ with my eating. I have felt like a rabbit living on lettuce and spinach–unless I’m cheating!

A few days ago, I had asked the health food store if they could order some Go-Raw snack bars for me to try. They called and said they got them and hubby and I headed over to check it out.

blog pictures 657The first thing that really caught my eye was the PRICE–$3.19 a piece!! Yikes! So, I got ONE. I figure it was the least I could do since they did order them for me:) I then thought it was a little weird how long and wide they were–and flat. I mean this is not your average size snack bar! I opened it–after paying of course–and took a bite. First bite–kind of eehh, so so. At first, I thought I didn’t really like it. After a few more bites though, I decided it wasn’t bad. I think the first bite is just not what I was expecting. My taste buds were thinking granola bar and got a more ‘earthy’ taste. You could definitely taste the buckwheat. I think if you cut these into thirds, it wouldn’t be a bad price, but I would not pay that for a bar if I was going to eat the whole thing at once! I MAY get one every now and then just to have in my purse in case of emergency, but won’t be eating these on a regular basis. I’m actually going to try making something like this on my own when I have time–that’s the tricky part:)

Okay, on to something a little more fun! On the way to the health food store, my hubby says–“Let’s just get on the Blueridge Parkway after your ND appt. and drive to NC!” I said–“Are you SERIOUS?” You have to understand, we are NOT typically very spontaneous people!!! Our 19th anniversary was last week and we usually always go somewhere for a weekend. This year, we didn’t think we were going to go anywhere. Now we are heading to– I don’t know where—and staying at—I haven’t got a clue!!!! He doesn’t even want me to pack any food!! Now THAT scares the pants off of me! It’s a little hard to be spontaneous with food allergies gallore, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 turtles–yes, I said turtles! All of our young ‘uns will be out of town too:) Animals taken care of–check, not packing any food–still praying through that one:)

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! I’ll look forward to posting about what on earth I eat while I’m gone. It’s only one night–two days, so I think I’ll be okay:)

By the way, I am now on Facebook! Heaven Forbid!! I mainly got on there to keep up with some cousins that live out of town that I never get to see.

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I had a REALLY good day today! Last week, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it. I ate TERRIBLE and couldn’t figure out what was going on. No matter what I ate, I could NOT get satisfied! It felt like my body was completely flipping out on me and it was scary. By Friday, I realized that maybe my body was screaming for more protein–DUH! The diet that the ND put me on is so limited that it made it very difficult to get enough. I had been using Hemp protein powder and decided I was going to have to make a change–or else I was going to eat everything in town!! The Hemp powder only has 8 grams per 4Tbs. So, I went back to the trusty old PlantFusion protein powder. It has 22 grams per scoop! Today is the third day of upping my protein and I am beginning to feel somewhat ‘normal’–wow, is this even possible?! Okay, let me back up to the start of my day.

I tried a new breakfast this morning instead of juicing or having a smoothie. Can I just tell you–I have been REALLY hungry!!

blog pictures 647This isn’t a very good picture, but oh well. Last night, I soaked 1/3 cup raw buckwheat in 1 cup SoDelicious Coconut Milk. This morning, I added a scoop of PlantFusion protein powder and a little water and cooked the buckwheat on low. I then added some organic mini blueberries–and 1 tsp. honey–which I’m not supposed to have. Buckwheat just has such a distinct flavor that I HAD to put a little honey. It turned out pretty good and kept my belly happy until lunch–NO tummy pain, bloating etc. WooHoo:)

For lunch I had this salad:

blog pictures 648The salad had:


homemade veggie kraut

cooked summer squash & onions

raw soaked/sprouted seeds

Around 3pm I had a protein smoothie.

blog pictures 650

blog pictures 653

My smoothie had 1 cup coconut milk, scoop of PlantFusion, BIG handful of spinach, 1Tbs. unsweetened Sunbutter. That held me about 5 hours!

I had HOT Yoga at 5:30pm. Is it possible to be addicted to yoga–most definitely! Is it possible to get too much Yoga–NEVER:) I am SO happy because the studio is doing another 6 week round of Hot Yoga. Count me in!

I drank coconut water with lime on the way home from yoga. Then I had this: Again–not a good picture!

blog pictures 654

Is that OATGURT? Oh Yeah!!!! After putting my thinking cap on, I realized that I may have been reacting badly to the oatgurt because I wasn’t using gluten free oats!! DUH! Where is my brain when I need it. I wanted to try regular oat grouts because they are way cheaper than gluten free oats. Oats themselves do not contain gluten, but they can be cross contaminated with wheat. That makes them a no-no for most Celiacs. Well, I learned my lesson. I am doing gluten free oatgurt again with NO PROBLEMO! Doing the happy dance now:) I put some chocolate hemp protein powder, a little coconut milk, and 1 tbs. unsweetened Sunbutter in my oatgurt and gobbled it up!

Not only is my appetite getting back to normal, I also had more energy today. I was able to get things done around the house that I haven’t been feeling like doing. I did still have to have my afternoon nap (or rest I should say–I didn’t go to sleep) but overall, I got a lot more done today. This in itself helps me feel better. I can’t stand it when my house is messy and I can’t muster up the energy to clean it.

I had a minor melt down at church yesterday which I think also helped me feel better today along with feeling better physically. I don’t feel quiet as overwhelmed as I did:) My brother, who is the Associate Pastor at our church, stopped me as I was getting ready to leave and talked to me for a long time. It was SO helpful just to be able to be real with someone and have his support and prayers. I am SO blessed to be a part of the church I go to! By the time I left church, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me and it felt really good! I felt my faith increase and the strength to keep working toward health. It IS taking a LOT of work–but I have to have faith that God is with me every step of the way.

Anyway, I say all of that to say that I am doing better this week and God IS giving me strength. I look forward to getting stronger and seeing how God is going to work in my life through my ‘illness’. I realize that I will most likely still have bad days (maybe even tomorrow), but I can rejoice in the good days:)

Oh, one more thing–Hubby is back on day shift!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run now. I’m tired and about ready to collapse, but it’s a good kind of tired. I had a productive day and am ready to chill out:)

Have a great week and count your blessings!!

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blog pictures 630I have been learning a very important lesson lately–sometimes you just have to look at life from a different angle:) Today really challenged me with that. I was supposed to go to hot yoga tonight and well, I didn’t make it. I went in my son’s car which has been having some issues. I got almost all the way there and I had stop at Wendy’s to pee! Well, when I came back out, the car would NOT go in reverse. My hubby had to drive an HOUR to come and fix it so I could get home. By that time, yoga was over. So, I basically drove an hour to go pee at Wendy’s! How exciting, huh? Well, as I was sitting there waiting for my hubby, I was really tempted to get angry and cry because I missed my yoga class. Then God reminded me that it would do absolutely no good to get angry or upset. I am growing by God’s grace:) I used my time to catch up with a couple of people I had not talked to and had some really enjoyable conversations. I am learning to look at things differently than I used to and that makes me happy!

Today was day 4 of being on the strict diet that the ND put me on. I can honestly say that I felt semi-‘normal’ today! Yay! My energy was better today and my tummy has been very pleased. The weirdest thing about this strict diet is that I don’t feel deprived. Maybe it’s just because I am so hopeful that this is going to work, but I think it’s more than that. I think my body is happy that I am actually eating things it can absorb. I feel very satisfied and have NO cravings for things I’m not supposed to have. I am finding that I am less hungry and I think that is because my body is being nourished with foods I can handle. When I’m eating things that I can’t absorb, I never feel satisfied and nourished.

I am eating pretty much the same things every day. Usually oatgurt for breakfast and lettuce wraps for lunch. I am usually not really hungry at dinner time, so have been just eating some sprouted dehydrated buckwheat with berries and coconut milk.

blog pictures 620

My lettuce wraps are surprisingly tasty and filling.

blog pictures 625I fill them with homemade sauerkraut, chopped spinach or sprouts, green onions and sprouted sunflower seed mix(see pic below). There is also a tiny piece of raw cheese in there that the ND said I could try–we’ll see.

blog pictures 613This seed mix is pretty good. It’s a little spicy to just eat by itself, but a tiny bit in a wrap gives some good flavor.

I started a batch of veggie kraut today.

blog pictures 622The cabbage and carrots are under three big cabbage leaves with a gallon bag of water to press down on top. This will ferment for a week and then be filling for my wraps.

I also had my first experience with Rejuvelac today. I cheated though and put it in a smoothie–so, I have no idea what it really taste like and I’m not sure I’ll ever go there:) I figure as long as I get it down, that’s all that matters.

My family went to the drive in movie last night and I SLEPT through the entire movie!!! I tried SO hard to stay awake and just couldn’t do it. Today has been better though. It is 10pm and I am still awake–yeehaa! I better not push it though so I am going to bed now. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

What lessons have you been learning lately?

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My days just seem to be getting away from me lately! I wish I could just stop time for even a little while–only if I’m NOT working though:) The last couple of days have been busy as usual. I stayed home from church today just so I could have a FULL day of rest. I have been going and going and going like the ever- ready bunny!

Friday morning I woke up to a monsoon!!

blog pictures 601My poor kitty feared for her life! I guess she had never heard thunder before.

blog pictures 604

Thankfully, the storm didn’t last too long. Friday afternoon was my appointment with the ND (Dr. of Natural Med.) It was an hour drive and my hubby was kind enough to go with me:) My appointment lasted two hours and was very interesting. I can’t really go into all the details about it, but I am now on a VERY strict diet for the next three weeks until I see her again. Here are a list of foods that she feels like my body can handle:

Kale, spinach, romaine, onions, garlic, cabbage(fermented only), carrots(fermented only),celery(juiced only), cucumber(juiced only), cherries, blueberries, banana(very small amounts), yellow squash, zucchini, acorn squash, lime, soaked/sprouted buckwheat or quinoa,  fermented buckwheat or oats(Yay oatgurt!)–no other form of grains, hemp protein, coconut milk/yogurt.  So, if something is not on this list–then I’m not eating it!!

She also wants me to make and drink some stuff called Rejuvelac. This is most of the time made with wheat sprouts but I can’t do wheat so she told me how to make it with Quinoa or cabbage. It’s basically a fermented drink when it’s done. NOT looking forward to that. It is fermenting as I type:) I was also put on some herbs three times a day. They taste like whiskey!!!YUCK!!!

She also told me that she didn’t think my fatigue was caused by my diet, but from my work, stress and the fact that I am probably not absorbing nutrients very well. Anyway, I am going to do what she says and see what happens. Oh, I almost forgot–I can still have Sunbutter in small amounts. Whew, I think I would have croaked if that was a no-no! The other day, I had sunbutter on a romaine leaf with frozen blueberries. It was extremely yummy!

One of my favorite meals I have been having though is Oatgurt with 1/2 cup frozen cherries, hemp(chocolate), and coconut milk all blended together. I may just live off of this for the next three weeks!

blog pictures 599

My food will be interesting to say the least, but I am hopeful that it will give my body time to heal some. Then maybe I can eat more variety without tummy issues.

I also wanted to update on the Buckgurt. DO NOT TRY IT!!!!!!!! It was the most disgusting smell EVER. I think it smelled like a mix between a dirty diaper, stinky feet and rotten eggs all at the same time. GROSS!!!!! What I have found that works though is to soak and sprout the buckwheat grouts for a couple of days. Then, I can blend them up and put in the fridge for a creamy raw buckwheat cereal without fermenting it. It’s just about as good as the oatgurt and it keeps my tummy happy and full:) I am also dehydrating some of the sprouted buckwheat for times that I want a crunchy cereal–like this:

blog pictures 620This is sprouted and dried buckwheat grouts with frozen blueberries and coconut milk.

Yesterday was spent going to the Farmer’s Market and the health food store. Then we went to a cookout at my in-laws. I took acorn squash to eat and had snacked on some zucchini chips before I left. Sorry, no pics.

I have to go to a different health food store today–I am all out of sunbutter (heaven forbid!) and the store I went to yesterday doesn’t carry the unsweetened kind. So, I’m headed out–AGAIN. Later, we are going to a drive in movie. At least I can sit in my car and lay back if I want:) My hubby always enjoys the food at the drive in. I’m going to have to plan well what I can take and eat. I don’t want to be tempted by all the food there!

Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday afternoon:)

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