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Hello again from Florida! We are having a great time and really getting some much needed R&R 😉

This post isn’t really about Florida though. It’s about my heart and a confession that I must get off of my chest. Are you ready? 🙂 I am SO TIRED of trying to eat a certain way!! After reading this post by Katie the other day, I had to do some soul searching. I have been struggling for a while now with this whole ‘good’ food, ‘bad’ food thing! I am all happy if I eat ‘good’ foods, but OVERWHELMED with guilt if I eat ‘bad’ foods. I have struggled with food for YEARS and I’m tellin’ ya, it is exhausting! It is certainly not ‘Living Free’!!

So, this morning, I had to spend a good long time talking to God about this. I know in  my head that He loves me even if I eat a brownie and ice cream, but in my heart I always feel guilt. That is NOT guilt from HIM, it is guilt I am putting on myself and I have to learn to STOP!! As Katie said, ‘Diet is NOT a religion.’ AMEN sister!! If diet is the most important thing to me, then what does that say about my relationship with God–umm, not good. I’ve also really enjoyed seeing Heather letting go of some food rules due to pregnancy. I am NOT pregnant, but I DO need to let go of some food rules! It is SO helpful to me to see that other bloggers sometimes eat what a lot of people would label as ‘bad’ foods and they didn’t die or turn into blimps! Check out Heather’s guest post on Maggie’s blog!

TODAY my main goal will be whether I am pleasing GOD and enjoying the life He has given me–NOT whether I am eating perfectly or not. Believe me, it is HARD to eat perfectly at home, much less on vacation 😉 I am praying that God will help me be balanced in my thinking about my body image and balanced in my eating. I think I honeslty don’t know what that looks like most of the time. Usually, if I am eating really healthy, it is because I am forcing myself to do it–it’s more of a performance mentality or fear of getting fat!  Note added: I don’t mean to sound as if I don’t enjoy anything healthy 🙂 There are all kinds of healthy foods that I don’t have to force myself to eat. I just mean that sometimes I choose something because I think it is healthier when I really would rather have something else. Make sense?

So, there you have it–honesty as it’s best worst. How do you keep balance in your eating and body image? Really, I need some tips 😉 Eating healthy, exercising and staying fit have never been about balance for me and I really need to change that!

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HI all my bloggy friends!! I’m so glad I finally figured out how to get on my blog. I tried last night and had trouble logging in. I am in Florida and using someone else’s computer. Therefore, pictures will have to wait until I get home 😦  That’s a shame because I had a wonderful meal at none other than Whole Foods yesterday! If you don’t know already, we don’t have a Whole Foods anywhere near where I live so it’s a real treat when I get to go to one.

We arrived here yesterday around 1:30pm. We drove as far as we could on Friday until hubby got too tired. We stayed in a little rinky dink motel and started again the next day. On the way down Friday, we ate at Mcallister’s. I got a salad with grilled chicken, cranberries, almonds etc. It was REALLY good!

Yesterday, my eating got screwed up a little just because of wanting to get here. We basically skipped lunch which is never good. By the time we ate, I was starving to say the least! That’s where Whole Foods came into the picture! Just for record, my meal weighed in more than my hubby’s! Told ya I was starving!! We then had to go grocery shopping. I did get a few goodies at WF but not anything to feed us for the week. It’s so funny when hubby and I go grocery shopping together. We eat totally different! So, I pretty much get everything I need (a.k.a. LOTS of veggies and some fruit) and then he picks out what he wants (a.k.a. frozen pizza, chicken patties etc.) He did say he was going to eat salads with me for lunch though, so that’s a start 🙂

After getting settled a little, we headed to watch the sunset on the beach. It was breathtaking!!  Can’t wait to show you all the pictures that we will have by the time we get home!

I got up and went for a walk/run this morning while he is enjoying some much needed rest. He’s still sleeping–hence the time on the computer for me. I think I need to get out earlier tomorrow morning, because I’m tellin’ ya the humidity will get ya! I was SO tempted to take my shirt off!!

I’m getting ready to go have a green smoothie minus the greens! Spinach is a long lost friend now due to it’s HIGH oxalate levels, but I can still have a green smoothie. I’m using pure, raw, dark green spirulina powder. My kids say the powder is so dark it looks black! It is very good for you, high in protein and chlorophyll. I plan on sharing more about this smoothie at another time.

Well, hubby is awake and that’s my cue to get off of here. I’ll be updating while here, but like I said–no pics until I get back. Sorry about that! I tried everything I knew last night and could not get it to work. I think I need to have the software for my camera on this computer and I don’t.

Later Tators 🙂 Have an awesome Sunday! Take time to recognize the awesomeness of God!!

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Holy Yoga!

I am SO excited at the moment! I recently saw on Polly’s blog that she was going to the Holy Yoga teacher training and was very intrigued. I’m not going to teacher training, but I did look at the Holy Yoga web-site and found that there is a Holy Yoga instructor about 30 minutes from where I live!! I am so happy! It has been my desire to keep yoga as Christ centered as possible and some of the classes I have been to have been a little –well, weird.

 I also found another Christian yoga class about 20 minutes from home that meets once a week. I’m going to check it out tomorrow night. I really want to deepen my yoga practice and keep my focus on Christ while doing that. I would love to go to Holy Yoga teacher training one of these days and offer yoga at my own church. We’ll see what God works out in that department later 😉

I mentioned in this post that I was considering doing the P90X series. After some thought, I have decided that it would not be something I would enjoy. I don’t know why I always feel like I have to kill myself to feel like I’m getting a good workout! I know yoga works for me and it helps me feel very balanced and relaxed but worked at the same time. Things like the P90X and even the FIRM make me feel keyed up and competative. I don’t come away from doing the FIRM feeling balanced! Don’t get me wrong, I have NOTHING against those workouts. They just aren’t what I’m looking for right now. I also know yoga is working my muscles because I did a FIRM workout the other day that used to make me so sore I could not walk the next day. This time when I did it, I was not sore at all!! That means my legs are stronger than they used to be 😀

I had a great day today that included lunch with a friend from church. I didn’t take any pictures. We just enjoyed catching up! I hope your week has started off good!

TaTa for now 🙂

P.S. Polly, if you read this–I just want to thank you for mentioning Holy Yoga on your blog so that I too could enjoy it:) Your blog is a real blessing to me!! I love the way you radiate Christ!!

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I am home alone this afternoon! I think a nap and some yoga are in my near future. I just had to get on here and share what  a GREAT sermon we had at church today. The message was about abiding in Christ (John 15:1-5). I came away feeling very encouraged because I don’t have to strive and struggle in my life! Whew! I just need to abide in HIM and I WILL bear much good fruit 😉

I do have a couple of meals to share with you, but will keep it short and simple.

First, I made (almond flour) sugar free chocolate chip scones yesterday that were to die for!

I started out planning to make cranberry scones by adapting a recipe from ‘The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook’ by Elana Amsterdam. Somehow, they turned into sugar free chocolate chip scones–I have no idea how that happened, but they sure were tasty.

Then for dinner last night (and lunch today) I found a new favorite!

This is spaghetti squash with green onions, red pepper, diced chicken breast and a teeny bit of montery jack cheese. I don’t normally eat cheese, but I think I’m okay with a couple of tablespoons 😉

Okay, so maybe I have two new favorites! I have been eating this salad a lot latey too!

Spinach, romaine, broccoli, red peppers, green onions, organic canned chicken with avocado. I usually also have a few baby carrots on the side. Makes a perfect quick, simple lunch!

I’m still in awe at how well the ear staples are working for me. I’m not craving sugar and am feeling better than I have in ages!! I guess if God can use a donkey(Numbers 22:21-32), he can use ear staples 🙂

I’m off to take that nap now!

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First of all, I want to say thanks to those that left supportive comments on my last post 😀 You guys are awesome!

Yesterday, I was so happy to be able to hang out with my dear friend Hope. We always say we are kindred spirits because we are so much alike and can relate to each other in so many areas. Hope and I go to church together, but find it hard to always spend time catching up. Well, thankfully we finally had several hours of a day that we could just hang out.

That picture isn’t very good–sorry 😦 My hubby took like a billion and they just weren’t turning out. Not enough light maybe? Anyway, Hope and I spent most of our time sitting at Barnes and Noble  talking our little heads off. Then we left B&N to run to Target for a minute only to end up BACK at B&N to chat some more!! I think we would NEVER run out of things to talk about, but it’s SO funny because we inevitably end up talking about food, diet, health etc. That’s not all we talk about though.

Hope is one of the people that spurs me on spiritually and I love her for that! There was a time in my life when I was really struggling with my eating disorder and Hope called me EVERY day to go over Scripture together. So, yesterday, we also talked about how we can hold each other accountable in certain areas of our lives. I have to be very careful with New Year’s Resolutions and goals in general. I tend to set myself up for failure a lot of times and I don’t need that! I am trying to learn to walk in God’s grace and not my own expectations 🙂

As I have been thinking and praying about goals (I don’t want to call them Resolutions) for this year, here are some general ideas:

1-be able to set goals but still be flexible 😀

2-spend more time reading, praying and journaling

3-continue on my journey to better health–physically and emotionally

4-make yoga a part of my regular routine–I have really slacked off in my   yoga practice and am realizing how much better I feel when being more consistent.

5-cardio/strength 3 days a week (will most likely use Wii Active for workouts)

6-a real biggie for me is: I want to come to a place where I am content with the body God gave me and stop putting such high expectations on myself. I don’t want to strive to be a certain weight, but let my body get to it’s natural weight and be totally okay with that. That has been a desire of mine for a long time but it is also VERY HARD to get to that place! In other words, I want the eating disorder tendencies to LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!!!!! 🙂 I have asked Hope to hold me accountable to only weighing once a week (on Fridays). I have not owned a scale for a long time, but now that I have the Wii Fit, I can weigh anytime I want which could turn in to a huge trap for me.

Did I ever tell you guys that I actually burned a scale before? Yep! My hubby was burning a big wood pile one time and the scale was causing SO much turmoil in my life that I threw it in the fire. I felt like I was casting my idol on the fire and it felt good and bad all at the same time!

Anyway, obviously goal #6  is going to take LOTS of prayer and faith 😀 This has been a long journey out of my sinful eating patterns, but I want to keep taking the next step and not look back!

HOPE–Thank you for your sweet friendship and for loving me through the good and the bad 🙂

Readers: Do you set New Year Resolutions? Why or why not?

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Happy Sunday everyone! I haven’t been around much lately and thought I would check in and let you know I ‘m still alive:) I have been making an effort to not be on the computer so much. I am realizing that there are things that are needing my attention and less time on the computer means more time for other things.

I have been doing a LOT of reflecting lately about my life and some things that I want to change. I am going to be turning the big 40– at the beginning of November and have been feeling like I need to get some of my priorities in order. I don’t mean this in a heavy, bad way. These last couple of weeks have actually been very good for me. I’m realizing more and more what is most important to me.

One of the big changes I want to make is to be more diligent in serving my family. Mom’s tend to serve 24/7, but I am realizing that I am not always happy about that or at peace in my serving. I want to cultivate PEACE, LOVE, and JOY in my home! I want to be able to remain in a peaceful frame of mind even when things are a little haywire. God is REALLY helping me to choose peace instead of anxiety all the time! I am actually in the process of re-decorating a room in my house to just have a place to go and  rest and relax. This is the room that I usually do yoga in and thought it would be nice to make it a really cozy place to go–whether it’s for yoga, reading or just sleeping.

Another priority is to continue working towards being healthy. It has been an ongoing goal of mine over this last year to try to feel well by the time I turn 40! I am finally feeling like I am making progress and am SO excited to see how God is going to continue bringing me to a place of health and energy. Speaking of energy, I had a couple of days this past week that I felt more energetic than normal. I was shocked at how good it felt! I thought to myself how cool it would be to feel like that most of the time and actually be able to get things done that I normally can’t do. So, I am on the right road with seeing the ND, diet, herbs, yoga and learning to relax:)

I have other things that I am working on, but don’t want to write a novel. Basically, I said all of this to say–I don’t know how much I will be on the computer for blogging. I am still reading blogs, but not as much. There are SO many WONDERFUL blogs out there, that it is hard to keep up with them all. I am trying to just read a few each day and then stay off the computer the rest of the day. I will post occasionally, but not stress about it if  I can’t. I hope you will stop by every now and then and say ‘hello’.

Last , but not least, I hope you are enjoying the life God has given you to the fullest measure!!

XOXO to you all!!

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I just want to warn you, I am in a horrific slump!! Remember in my last post how I was saying that I did NOT cheat at my son’s birthday? Well, all that came crashing down Friday night!! Birthday cake sitting on the table for 3 stinkin’ days is NEVER a good thing. Yes, I went WAY off of my diet! Yes, I made myself sick–not from how much I ate, but WHAT I ate (stuff I am allergic to). So, Saturday was spent trying to recover. Then, do you think I learned my lesson? Apparently not because I did the same thing Saturday night!! UGH! I went to bed buried in guilt and feeling like a complete failure and woke up with illness staring me in the face (and gut:). I felt like all the progress I made the first week of my diet was for nothing. I DID feel like what the ND told me to do WAS working! Now, I am starting all over. I HATE starting over!!

I think I know one thing that caused my BIG slip ups. Oatgurt has been one of the foods that I was filling up on and enjoying immensely. Well, I realized on Thursday that it was ferociously feeding my candida problem!! OMG! Oatgurt, I thought you were my friend! So, I cut it out and my poor tummy was feeling pretty lonely. My foods are SO limited right now, and I needed that to help keep me full! I can’t stay full on spinach and kale my friends!

Yesterday, I tried to eat more fat with raw homemade coconut milk and raw homemade sunbutter. That didn’t work either because too much fat is hard on my tummy.

So, where am I today? Well, up until 4pm, I had nothing but green juices (and I do mean green–no apple or carrot for this girl). Then, I had some lettuce wraps with homemade kraut, sprouts, green onions, and raw seed mix.

blog pictures 615

I am trying to pull myself together. I have tried to stay very positive about my food, or lack thereof, but some days I just can’t do it! I will be honest and say that this diet stinks out loud. It is NOT fun and it is NOT easy. I want to cry a lot. The first few days weren’t so bad, but there are only so many ways to eat spinach, kale, zucchini etc.

I am also reminding myself that GOD is my strength!!! I can’t do this on my own! The Bible says that He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me!! It comforts me to know that HE knows what I am going through even when my family can not even begin to grasp how hard this is. They really do try though:)

Okay, enough belly aching (literally). It’s time to let God scrape me up off the floor and brush me off like a good daddy does:) It makes me want to cry just thinking of how HE ‘kisses’ our ‘boo-boo’s’. I can crawl up in His lap and cry all I want to. He never tires of my belly aching or my falling down. He is SO gracious and merciful to me:)

“I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I HAVE HOPE: Because of the Lord’s great love we are NOT consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.”    Lam.3:19-24

I think I’m going to go for a short walk. Already had my nap for the day:) See you guys later and I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for reading and letting me be myself in the midst of it not looking so good:)

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