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Better late than never, right?! I have had my menu made for days, I just haven’t had time to post it. This week is being hosted Angela and she has chosen greens for the ingredient of the week. I do love greens but didn’t happen to put any on the menu. I am still solely dependant on SCD recipes that are already laid out for me. That’s why I haven’t had any new recipes to share. I have found some really good SCD recipes though (see post below). I am trying to start making a soup recipe every weekend so that I will have it for a few days for lunches etc. This weeks soup was from ‘No More Crohn’s’ again. It was supposed to be Mexican Pork Stew’, but I used chicken instead. Another winner recipe! Okay, so on to the menu:)

Sunday: Mexican Chicken Stew

Monday: Meatloaf, mashed cauliflower, carrot fritters(all SCD recipe)

Tuesday: SCD pancakes, bacon–no sugar added(I’ll probably pass on that-not a big fan)

Wednesday: Shepherd’s Pie(made with butternut squash instead of traditional potatoes), some sort of veggies?

Thursday: leftovers(Happy Birthday to me!–we will celebrate this weekend:)

Friday: Salmon Patties, steamed zucchini and yellow squash, mac n’ cheese(for kids only)

Saturday: Out to dinner–scary! Will research before I go to see what is legal and where:)

I am planning on making an Apple Cake (SCD of course) for my birthday–I can’t wait!!

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I am running a little late getting my menu made and posted. I have had a pretty major set back with my stomach these last few days. I think it all started with some ground turkey I was eating. I should have known better than to eat it because on the package it said ‘with natural flavoring’. I have since read on the SCD web-site that ‘natural flavoring’ can mean just about anything and it is illegal on the SCD. I have learned my lesson well! I also have discovered that I can not handle spaghetti squash. Needless to say, I am still paying for my mistakes and today has been a pretty painful day:( Today, I have been eating very little variety and things that I know I can normally handle. Problem is, I think my body forgot that I could handle them.

This weeks menu swap is being hosted my Kim at Gluten Free is Life. She has chosen squash for the ingredient of the week. I will NOT be having spaghetti squash but am looking forward to trying acorn squash after my stomach decides to be normal again. I have also been dying to cook a pumpkin and use it for something. Just haven’t decided what yet. This menu is mainly for the rest of my family. I may be eating turkey and applesauce all week until I feel ‘normal’ again.

Monday: turkey breast, green beans(fresh, not canned), mashed potatoes for everyone else

Tuesday: Meat/vegetable soup (I will not attempt this. I’ll stick with turkey:)

Wednesday: lean sirloin burgers(for me ?), acorn squash(for me), chips(for everyone else)

Thursday: leftovers

Friday: pizza (probably not for me)

Dessert: maybe an SCD legal pumkin pie

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Menu Swap–10/13

The menu swap is temporarily being taken over by Gluten Free Goodness due to Gluten Free Mommy’s morning (all day) sickness. I remember those days well being pregnant and not wanting to have much to do with cooking or eating for that matter. Hopefully Natalie will be feeling better very soon, but until then Cheryl has been kind enough to take over for a while. Thanks Cheryl:) The ingredient for the week is chocolate but I am not able to have chocolate on the SCD so I will have to pass:( My menu may change a bit as the week goes on. My husband is having to work midnight shift this week. He doesn’t usually work that and it makes it a little tricky to know what to fix for dinner. We are ready for dinner when he is getting out of bed and wanting breakfast. This menu is a very rough idea for the week.

Monday: Breakfast for dinner

Tuesday: Pizza (will be gone on field trip all day)

Wednesday: Smokey Joe Burgers(no bread for me), baked bean casserole(SCD)

Thursday: London broil, roasted veggies, SCD bread for me, rolls for everyone else

Friday: Stir-Fry veggies w/ leftover London Broil served on SCD wrap(regular tortillas for everyone else)

Also want to try a Raspberry Mousse Angel Pie (SCD)

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Menu Swap-10/6/08

Today is my first official day on the SCD. I thought I was doing everything I was supposed to and then realized the Greek yogurt I was eating was not lactose free. That was a bummer because I love the Greek yogurt but I did notice it was bothering my stomach. I thought maybe I was eating too much almond meal, but I think it was the yogurt. So, I tried making yogurt in my oven this weekend. That did NOT go well. I finally broke down and went and bought a yogurt maker at the health food store. Now that I am eating the SCD yogurt, I am following the diet 100%. I have not felt deprived at all and am actually amazed at how much I can eat on this diet. It is strict, but mostly because of having to make everything pretty much from scratch. My stomach is feeling better each day and I wasn’t even aware of how bad it felt before. I guess I am just finding out what normal feels like.

This week’s menu swap is being hosted by Gluten Free Goodness. She is also going grain free. She has chosen pears as the ingredient of the week. I don’t have any pears on hand, but may try to pick a couple up before the end of the week. I have been making apple pancakes lately that are really good. I think maybe using pears would be delicious to. The pancakes are SCD safe only using shredded apple, and egg and then frying it like a pancake. I made some for my dad last night and he really enjoyed them:) Anyway, here is my SCD, gluten-free menu for this week.

Sunday: spaghetti squash w/ SCD meat sauce

Monday: Grilled turkey burger(no bread), green beans, steamed carrots

Tuesday: Greek Pork Chops(SCD recipe), mashed cauliflower(love it!), salad

Wednesday: Grilled Cheese(SCD bread)

Thursday: teaching a GF cooking class–rest of family will have pizza

Friday: Grilled Salmon, roasted onions(yum), broccoli w/ parmesan

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Menu Swap-Sept. 29th

I am excited to be hosting the menu swap this week for my very first time! I have chosen almonds as my ingredient of the week. In my last post, I was sharing about my changes in my diet. I have just finished reading ‘Breaking The Vicious Cycle’ by Elaine Gottschall. I am completely amazed at how many ways almonds can be used to bake goodies. I had almond meal pancakes this morning with peaches my daughter had put in the freezer for me. It was delicious! I have also made almond meal pitas and muffins. I am very pleased with everything I have tried so far. I was a little concerned at first about the cost of using almonds for my main baking, but I went to Sam’s yesterday and found almonds for 3.66 a pound! And, if I’m not buying all the other gluten-free flours, it may even be cheaper in the long run.

My body is responding VERY well to the changes I have made over the last week and a half. I can’t even believe how different I feel. One of the big changes I have noticed is that I don’t feel bloated at all. I didn’t realize that the way I felt was not normal until I went off of all grains! I am also sleeping much better. I am actually sleeping deep enough to dream now which is something that didn’t happen much before. Sleeping better means more energy during the day. Yeah! I have really enjoyed trying new foods and feeling much better. My menu this week may change a little as the week goes on, but here is a rough idea of what we will be eating in my house:)

Monday: Almond crusted chicken, green beans, salad

Tuesday: Vegetable meat loaf, Cauliflower mashed “potatoes”

Wednesday: Pizza (using a SCD recipe for the crust)

Thursday: Parmesan broiled flounder, steamed broccoli w/ almonds, salad

Friday: leftovers/sandwiches (almond bread for me)

Since adding meat back into my diet, cooking for the family has become much easier. We can all eat the same things now except I don’t eat grains. This has made my life and cooking SO much easier.

Check out the other awesome menus for the week:

Cheryl at Gluten Free Goodness is also going grain free for a while. She will be making some goodies using almond flour and has a fabulous menu posted this week. The agave “caramel” sauce made my mouth water!

Sarah at Everyday Gluten Free is trying to spruce up her menu and get out of a rut. Seeing other people’s blogs is a good way to get new ideas. My kids would really like the tator tot casserole that is on her menu this week.

Book of Yum has a wonderful picture and recipe for grilled asparagus and a tasty looking recipe for Summer Bean Salad. As always, her menu looks great!

Asparagus Thin is newly engaged! Yeah Manda! Congrats. She is cooking up a storm in the midst of a busy work schedule. I am really interested in her plantain omelets that are on her menu for the week.

Lilac Kitchen is sensitive to almonds so won’t be using them, but has a great menu posted. She is planning to retry an eclaire recipe this week using hazlenut flour. I have never used that flour before. I bet it’s good!
Angela has been having a blast with her friends! Good for you Angela:) Everybody needs a break every now and then. She has lots of yummy crockpot meals planned for this week. I need to do more crock pot cooking. It makes things so much easier during busy times!
Fresh Ginger is joining us with a fabulous looking menu. Thursday sounds really good with Lebanese Green Bean Stew with grass fed beef. The weather is getting cooler and perfect for stews and chilis. She is also having a semi-chili recipe this week. Make sure and check it out!

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Menu Swap–9/15

This weeks menu swap is being hosted by Asparagus Thin. She has chosen plantains for the ingredient of the week. I have to admit I have never had a plantain and have never even considered buying one. I look forward to seeing other people’s ideas for how to use them. I already had my menu made and had gone shopping by the time I knew what the ingredient for the week was going to be so I won’t be having any in my menu. Maybe I will try them after I see what other people do with them:)

I mentioned in my last post that I am going to try to start shopping every other week and hopefully save on groceries that way. I spent a couple of hours last night working out how to stretch what we have and not have to shop again until the 26Th. We are going to have to start using leftovers more and using what we have stockpiled in the freezer. I was encouraged though at how I was able to do my menu for the next two weeks and still have yummy meals. I will only be posting my menu for this week even though I already have it made for next week as well. Hope everyone has a great week! Please feel free to leave any money saving tips you have in the comments:)

Monday: Broccoli Potato Cheese Soup

Tuesday: Turkey breast, twice baked sweet potatoes, salad, green beans
(I’m hoping this turkey will work for several different meals)

Wednesday: Leftover soup from Monday or grilled cheese
(busy day Wed.–don’t want to cook)

Thursday: Turkey Pot Pie & a Veggie Pot Pie for me:)

Friday: Black Bean Burgers, roasted parsnips, carrots and onions
(the rest of the clan will have regular burgers)

Saturday: White Chili
(leftovers in freezer from last week)

Sunday: Turkey sandwiches, cheese sand. for me

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Menu Swap

Well, I am running extremely late with my menu. It seems like I have been in the kitchen constantly lately and haven’t had much time to blog. I have also been very busy since school started. I am still homeschooling my daughter and my son is taking some classes at the Community College. He isn’t driving yet so that means I am doing a lot of running on top of cleaning houses two days a week. Whew! Time flies when you’re having fun:) So, before I knew it, it was time to make a menu for the week. We are plugging along with my daughter’s food allergies but will be glad when we can try to add things back in one at a time. I am pretty sure that corn will NOT be coming back and very skeptical about wheat. The main problem I’m having is getting her to eat a variety of foods. She just wants to live on potatoes! By the way, does anyone know if pepperonis have wheat in them? She has been eating them frequently and I am starting to notice that her rash on her face gets worse when she has them. They do have citric acid in them which I think can be bad news, but I don’t really know. If anyone knows, I would appreciate your input! Okay, so on to the LATE menu.

This weeks menu swap is being hosted my the creator Gluten Free Mommy. The ingredient of the week is tomatoes but we are having to steer clear of them at the moment. Although this menu contains meat, I have decided that not eating meat is what I feel best with. I tried to add fish and chicken into my diet and just couldn’t do it. I just really don’t care for meat. I am being more purposeful about making sure I am getting enough protein though. I have been a little concerned about my sugar and have been watching how many carbs I’m eating. I am not doing really low-carb, just lower-carb. I got a wonderful new cookbook called ‘The Schwarzbein Principal Vegetarian Cookbook’. It focuses on recipes that will give the vegetarian enough protein in their diet. So, when there is meat on the menu–I will have something different:)

Monday: Black Bean Burger w/ yogurt cheese(no bread), spinach salad

Tuesday: Blueberry Buckwheat pancakes

Wednesday: White Chicken Chili(didn’t get to this last week)
(I will have something from the freezer)

Thursday: Rice and edamame beans for me
Potatoes and light keibalsa sausage for the rest of the gang

Friday: leftovers

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