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I had a REALLY good day today! Last week, I was beginning to wonder if I was going to make it. I ate TERRIBLE and couldn’t figure out what was going on. No matter what I ate, I could NOT get satisfied! It felt like my body was completely flipping out on me and it was scary. By Friday, I realized that maybe my body was screaming for more protein–DUH! The diet that the ND put me on is so limited that it made it very difficult to get enough. I had been using Hemp protein powder and decided I was going to have to make a change–or else I was going to eat everything in town!! The Hemp powder only has 8 grams per 4Tbs. So, I went back to the trusty old PlantFusion protein powder. It has 22 grams per scoop! Today is the third day of upping my protein and I am beginning to feel somewhat ‘normal’–wow, is this even possible?! Okay, let me back up to the start of my day.

I tried a new breakfast this morning instead of juicing or having a smoothie. Can I just tell you–I have been REALLY hungry!!

blog pictures 647This isn’t a very good picture, but oh well. Last night, I soaked 1/3 cup raw buckwheat in 1 cup SoDelicious Coconut Milk. This morning, I added a scoop of PlantFusion protein powder and a little water and cooked the buckwheat on low. I then added some organic mini blueberries–and 1 tsp. honey–which I’m not supposed to have. Buckwheat just has such a distinct flavor that I HAD to put a little honey. It turned out pretty good and kept my belly happy until lunch–NO tummy pain, bloating etc. WooHoo:)

For lunch I had this salad:

blog pictures 648The salad had:


homemade veggie kraut

cooked summer squash & onions

raw soaked/sprouted seeds

Around 3pm I had a protein smoothie.

blog pictures 650

blog pictures 653

My smoothie had 1 cup coconut milk, scoop of PlantFusion, BIG handful of spinach, 1Tbs. unsweetened Sunbutter. That held me about 5 hours!

I had HOT Yoga at 5:30pm. Is it possible to be addicted to yoga–most definitely! Is it possible to get too much Yoga–NEVER:) I am SO happy because the studio is doing another 6 week round of Hot Yoga. Count me in!

I drank coconut water with lime on the way home from yoga. Then I had this: Again–not a good picture!

blog pictures 654

Is that OATGURT? Oh Yeah!!!! After putting my thinking cap on, I realized that I may have been reacting badly to the oatgurt because I wasn’t using gluten free oats!! DUH! Where is my brain when I need it. I wanted to try regular oat grouts because they are way cheaper than gluten free oats. Oats themselves do not contain gluten, but they can be cross contaminated with wheat. That makes them a no-no for most Celiacs. Well, I learned my lesson. I am doing gluten free oatgurt again with NO PROBLEMO! Doing the happy dance now:) I put some chocolate hemp protein powder, a little coconut milk, and 1 tbs. unsweetened Sunbutter in my oatgurt and gobbled it up!

Not only is my appetite getting back to normal, I also had more energy today. I was able to get things done around the house that I haven’t been feeling like doing. I did still have to have my afternoon nap (or rest I should say–I didn’t go to sleep) but overall, I got a lot more done today. This in itself helps me feel better. I can’t stand it when my house is messy and I can’t muster up the energy to clean it.

I had a minor melt down at church yesterday which I think also helped me feel better today along with feeling better physically. I don’t feel quiet as overwhelmed as I did:) My brother, who is the Associate Pastor at our church, stopped me as I was getting ready to leave and talked to me for a long time. It was SO helpful just to be able to be real with someone and have his support and prayers. I am SO blessed to be a part of the church I go to! By the time I left church, I felt like a weight had been lifted off of me and it felt really good! I felt my faith increase and the strength to keep working toward health. It IS taking a LOT of work–but I have to have faith that God is with me every step of the way.

Anyway, I say all of that to say that I am doing better this week and God IS giving me strength. I look forward to getting stronger and seeing how God is going to work in my life through my ‘illness’. I realize that I will most likely still have bad days (maybe even tomorrow), but I can rejoice in the good days:)

Oh, one more thing–Hubby is back on day shift!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta run now. I’m tired and about ready to collapse, but it’s a good kind of tired. I had a productive day and am ready to chill out:)

Have a great week and count your blessings!!

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I just want to warn you, I am in a horrific slump!! Remember in my last post how I was saying that I did NOT cheat at my son’s birthday? Well, all that came crashing down Friday night!! Birthday cake sitting on the table for 3 stinkin’ days is NEVER a good thing. Yes, I went WAY off of my diet! Yes, I made myself sick–not from how much I ate, but WHAT I ate (stuff I am allergic to). So, Saturday was spent trying to recover. Then, do you think I learned my lesson? Apparently not because I did the same thing Saturday night!! UGH! I went to bed buried in guilt and feeling like a complete failure and woke up with illness staring me in the face (and gut:). I felt like all the progress I made the first week of my diet was for nothing. I DID feel like what the ND told me to do WAS working! Now, I am starting all over. I HATE starting over!!

I think I know one thing that caused my BIG slip ups. Oatgurt has been one of the foods that I was filling up on and enjoying immensely. Well, I realized on Thursday that it was ferociously feeding my candida problem!! OMG! Oatgurt, I thought you were my friend! So, I cut it out and my poor tummy was feeling pretty lonely. My foods are SO limited right now, and I needed that to help keep me full! I can’t stay full on spinach and kale my friends!

Yesterday, I tried to eat more fat with raw homemade coconut milk and raw homemade sunbutter. That didn’t work either because too much fat is hard on my tummy.

So, where am I today? Well, up until 4pm, I had nothing but green juices (and I do mean green–no apple or carrot for this girl). Then, I had some lettuce wraps with homemade kraut, sprouts, green onions, and raw seed mix.

blog pictures 615

I am trying to pull myself together. I have tried to stay very positive about my food, or lack thereof, but some days I just can’t do it! I will be honest and say that this diet stinks out loud. It is NOT fun and it is NOT easy. I want to cry a lot. The first few days weren’t so bad, but there are only so many ways to eat spinach, kale, zucchini etc.

I am also reminding myself that GOD is my strength!!! I can’t do this on my own! The Bible says that He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me!! It comforts me to know that HE knows what I am going through even when my family can not even begin to grasp how hard this is. They really do try though:)

Okay, enough belly aching (literally). It’s time to let God scrape me up off the floor and brush me off like a good daddy does:) It makes me want to cry just thinking of how HE ‘kisses’ our ‘boo-boo’s’. I can crawl up in His lap and cry all I want to. He never tires of my belly aching or my falling down. He is SO gracious and merciful to me:)

“I remember my affliction and my wandering, the bitterness and the gall. I well remember them, and my soul is downcast within me. Yet this I call to mind and therefore I HAVE HOPE: Because of the Lord’s great love we are NOT consumed, for His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.”    Lam.3:19-24

I think I’m going to go for a short walk. Already had my nap for the day:) See you guys later and I hope you are all doing well! Thanks for reading and letting me be myself in the midst of it not looking so good:)

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blog pictures 630I have been learning a very important lesson lately–sometimes you just have to look at life from a different angle:) Today really challenged me with that. I was supposed to go to hot yoga tonight and well, I didn’t make it. I went in my son’s car which has been having some issues. I got almost all the way there and I had stop at Wendy’s to pee! Well, when I came back out, the car would NOT go in reverse. My hubby had to drive an HOUR to come and fix it so I could get home. By that time, yoga was over. So, I basically drove an hour to go pee at Wendy’s! How exciting, huh? Well, as I was sitting there waiting for my hubby, I was really tempted to get angry and cry because I missed my yoga class. Then God reminded me that it would do absolutely no good to get angry or upset. I am growing by God’s grace:) I used my time to catch up with a couple of people I had not talked to and had some really enjoyable conversations. I am learning to look at things differently than I used to and that makes me happy!

Today was day 4 of being on the strict diet that the ND put me on. I can honestly say that I felt semi-‘normal’ today! Yay! My energy was better today and my tummy has been very pleased. The weirdest thing about this strict diet is that I don’t feel deprived. Maybe it’s just because I am so hopeful that this is going to work, but I think it’s more than that. I think my body is happy that I am actually eating things it can absorb. I feel very satisfied and have NO cravings for things I’m not supposed to have. I am finding that I am less hungry and I think that is because my body is being nourished with foods I can handle. When I’m eating things that I can’t absorb, I never feel satisfied and nourished.

I am eating pretty much the same things every day. Usually oatgurt for breakfast and lettuce wraps for lunch. I am usually not really hungry at dinner time, so have been just eating some sprouted dehydrated buckwheat with berries and coconut milk.

blog pictures 620

My lettuce wraps are surprisingly tasty and filling.

blog pictures 625I fill them with homemade sauerkraut, chopped spinach or sprouts, green onions and sprouted sunflower seed mix(see pic below). There is also a tiny piece of raw cheese in there that the ND said I could try–we’ll see.

blog pictures 613This seed mix is pretty good. It’s a little spicy to just eat by itself, but a tiny bit in a wrap gives some good flavor.

I started a batch of veggie kraut today.

blog pictures 622The cabbage and carrots are under three big cabbage leaves with a gallon bag of water to press down on top. This will ferment for a week and then be filling for my wraps.

I also had my first experience with Rejuvelac today. I cheated though and put it in a smoothie–so, I have no idea what it really taste like and I’m not sure I’ll ever go there:) I figure as long as I get it down, that’s all that matters.

My family went to the drive in movie last night and I SLEPT through the entire movie!!! I tried SO hard to stay awake and just couldn’t do it. Today has been better though. It is 10pm and I am still awake–yeehaa! I better not push it though so I am going to bed now. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

What lessons have you been learning lately?

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My days just seem to be getting away from me lately! I wish I could just stop time for even a little while–only if I’m NOT working though:) The last couple of days have been busy as usual. I stayed home from church today just so I could have a FULL day of rest. I have been going and going and going like the ever- ready bunny!

Friday morning I woke up to a monsoon!!

blog pictures 601My poor kitty feared for her life! I guess she had never heard thunder before.

blog pictures 604

Thankfully, the storm didn’t last too long. Friday afternoon was my appointment with the ND (Dr. of Natural Med.) It was an hour drive and my hubby was kind enough to go with me:) My appointment lasted two hours and was very interesting. I can’t really go into all the details about it, but I am now on a VERY strict diet for the next three weeks until I see her again. Here are a list of foods that she feels like my body can handle:

Kale, spinach, romaine, onions, garlic, cabbage(fermented only), carrots(fermented only),celery(juiced only), cucumber(juiced only), cherries, blueberries, banana(very small amounts), yellow squash, zucchini, acorn squash, lime, soaked/sprouted buckwheat or quinoa,  fermented buckwheat or oats(Yay oatgurt!)–no other form of grains, hemp protein, coconut milk/yogurt.  So, if something is not on this list–then I’m not eating it!!

She also wants me to make and drink some stuff called Rejuvelac. This is most of the time made with wheat sprouts but I can’t do wheat so she told me how to make it with Quinoa or cabbage. It’s basically a fermented drink when it’s done. NOT looking forward to that. It is fermenting as I type:) I was also put on some herbs three times a day. They taste like whiskey!!!YUCK!!!

She also told me that she didn’t think my fatigue was caused by my diet, but from my work, stress and the fact that I am probably not absorbing nutrients very well. Anyway, I am going to do what she says and see what happens. Oh, I almost forgot–I can still have Sunbutter in small amounts. Whew, I think I would have croaked if that was a no-no! The other day, I had sunbutter on a romaine leaf with frozen blueberries. It was extremely yummy!

One of my favorite meals I have been having though is Oatgurt with 1/2 cup frozen cherries, hemp(chocolate), and coconut milk all blended together. I may just live off of this for the next three weeks!

blog pictures 599

My food will be interesting to say the least, but I am hopeful that it will give my body time to heal some. Then maybe I can eat more variety without tummy issues.

I also wanted to update on the Buckgurt. DO NOT TRY IT!!!!!!!! It was the most disgusting smell EVER. I think it smelled like a mix between a dirty diaper, stinky feet and rotten eggs all at the same time. GROSS!!!!! What I have found that works though is to soak and sprout the buckwheat grouts for a couple of days. Then, I can blend them up and put in the fridge for a creamy raw buckwheat cereal without fermenting it. It’s just about as good as the oatgurt and it keeps my tummy happy and full:) I am also dehydrating some of the sprouted buckwheat for times that I want a crunchy cereal–like this:

blog pictures 620This is sprouted and dried buckwheat grouts with frozen blueberries and coconut milk.

Yesterday was spent going to the Farmer’s Market and the health food store. Then we went to a cookout at my in-laws. I took acorn squash to eat and had snacked on some zucchini chips before I left. Sorry, no pics.

I have to go to a different health food store today–I am all out of sunbutter (heaven forbid!) and the store I went to yesterday doesn’t carry the unsweetened kind. So, I’m headed out–AGAIN. Later, we are going to a drive in movie. At least I can sit in my car and lay back if I want:) My hubby always enjoys the food at the drive in. I’m going to have to plan well what I can take and eat. I don’t want to be tempted by all the food there!

Hope everyone is having a restful Sunday afternoon:)

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Boy, this week has completely flown by! My cleaning schedule has been intense lately! For those of you new to my blog, I clean houses to put food on our table. One of my sweet surprises was actually at a new client’s house. I started cleaning for a lady I go to church with. We had never even really talked before due to the fact that they are a pretty new family. She has some pretty severe health issues and hired me to help her out. She has FIVE daughters ages 9 and under–whew! Anyway, so I go to clean for her and we just really clicked. I went to ‘work’ and made a new friend! I love it when I can be friends with the people I work for:)

Another sweet surprise I got this week was this:

blog pictures 587In case you can’t see it, this is a very sweet handmade card (from Kristin) and a gift card to Barnes and Noble!!! WooHoo!! This just happened to come on a day that I was really struggling. I had worked really hard that day and was feeling a little down in the dumps.  I got home and had this wonderful surprise waiting in the mail for me–well, it was actually for me AND my hubby:) We house/dog sat for our friends a few weeks ago and they sent us this as a ‘thank you’. Bet ya can’t guess what I got with this gift card! Okay, first of all, my hubby is NOT a book person. But, I told him we would split the card half and half. He could spend his on coffee etc. and I could get a book–since I can’t drink coffee:) Do you know what he did though? He gave me to whole amount. He always does things like that to bless me. He doesn’t usually ever want to buy for himself. SWEET surpirse! So, back to what I got. If you guessed a cookbook–you are one smart cookie:) Speaking of cookie, I sure would like to have one right now. FOCUS KIMBERLY!!! Thanks for the book Kristin!!!!:)

blog pictures 598This book has tons of good info. and even more yummy recipes. Only a few pretty pictures though. That’s okay, the pages are nice and shiny:) This book is about raw living food. I will say that it is a little extreme.  I have learned that I will NEVER agree with EVERYTHING in any book–except the Bible🙂 I did learn some new things about food etc. but the recipes are what really sold me on this book. As for the info., I will take what I like and throw out the rest. I think this dude is into some different spiritual thinking than I would agree with:) That doesn’t mean I can’t use his recipes though.

Okay, on to my next SWEET, AWESOME surprise of the week. I am SOOO excited about this one! I mean if I had the energy, I would seriously be doing the happy dance:) My hubby has worked all sorts of weird off shifts our whole 19 years of marriage. He has been on midnight for a while now and it gets pretty lonely sleeping in a bed all by myself (with my kitty). Our meals are all out of whack because he wants breakfast when it is our dinner time. Anyway, HE GETS TO GO TO DAYSHIFT!!!!! Is that not awesome?! He has one more week of night shift and then we ‘might’ have a ‘normal’ life.

So, what have I been doing when I’m not working?

blog pictures 597Sprouting (buckwheat and broccoli sprouts)

blog pictures 596Started a batch of buckgurt (oatgurt only with buckwheat). I tried this once before and it was a complete flop but I really think I had a bad batch of buckwheat. The buckwheat grouts I am using for this smelled and looked completely different. The first time I tried it, the buckwheat smelled really strong (in a bad way). What I started today had a really good fresh smell. We’ll see how it goes. I will update in a couple of days on this.

As for my ‘experiment’–I am still experimenting:) I am pretty much doing raw until dinner, juicing(only once a day though), and ‘trying’ to watch my food combinations. I can’t always worry about perfect food combining because there are times that I feel like that is too restrictive. I don’t want to fall back into restricting my food so much. For the most part though, I think I’m doing okay most of the time.

How am I feeling? Well, I am VERY tired but I think that is just because I have been working more than usual. My stomach is doing well–most of the time. There are a couple of foods I have noticed cause me problems though. One of those is Stevia. EVERY time I use it, I notice I just do not feel well and I get headaches. I do better with pure raw honey. I use so little of it though that I am not going to worry about it (sugar wise). Another very unfortunate thing that has been bothering me is chicken!!! It was NOT my intention to go back to vegetarian when I started eating more raw. But, I can NOT deny that my tummy feels MUCH better when I don’t eat meat of any kind. Have tried chicken twice (each time a week apart) lately, and both times–it got me! I do plan on trying fish in a few days.

Overall, I think the change in my diet has been a good one. I am shocked and totally amazed that raw food is NOT killing my tummy! I am still eating some cooked foods –like my sprouted gluten free bread, 70% chocolate, a little sunbutter etc. My energy IS an issue, but we’ll see how I feel next week when I’m not working as much. This raw ’til dinner must not be too bad because ‘something’ keeps motivating me to do it:) I got up this morning and was thinking I would just eat whatever–and then I found myself wanting to eat fresh ‘living’ food! If anyone has ideas about energy–I would love your input! I’m open to try new things:)

I go to the ND tomorrow. I’m still not sure what to think about it but it won’t hurt to check this lady out. Who knows–maybe she can figure my gut out!

I really didn’t mean to write a novel. That’s what happens when I don’t blog for a couple days! Anyway, God has been SO good to me this week with all the sweet surprises! What are you thankful for this week?

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This blueberry frozen yogurt was my dessert after doing about 70 minutes of HOT yoga (at home) and then later going for a 3 mile walk. Whew! This was inspired by Polly’s “bloothie” that I saw on her blog today. Thanks Polly:)

blog pictures 5641 cup homemade coconut milk yogurt

1-1/2 cups frozen blueberries

4Tbs. vanilla protein powder

1 Tbs. raw honey

1 tsp. guar gum

I usually try not to use sweeteners, but I was using hemp protein powder and I thought it might need some help:) I put all ingredients in the food processor and blended until smooth. Then processed in ice cream maker until thick and creamy. You could definitely use a different protein powder, I know a lot of people don’t like hemp. This made two servings.

Okay, today was a SAD day indeed! See this jar? Do you know what goes in that jar? OATGURT!! Notice, it is EMPTY:(

blog pictures 562

I am also O-U-T of spinach! Heaven forbid!! Oatgurt and spinach shortage on the same day! And, I was going to challenge myself to not eat sunbutter today. THAT DID NOT WORK!  Do you know where I’m going tomorrow? Yep, grocery shopping to get lots of yummy green spinach and I have oatgurt fermenting as I type:) I guess I might survive after all. For now, I am going to chill out as I have been rather HOT today:)

“I will praise you, O Lord my God, with all my heart; I will glorify your name forever. For great is your love toward me; you have delivered me from the depths of the grave.” Psalm 86: 12-13

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I just back from my first vinyasa style hot yoga class. Can I just say–I AM HOOKED !! I absolutely loved it! I was a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to do it. My tummy argued with me ALL day!

blog pictures 558I was SO excited before class, I felt like a kid on the first day of school!

blog pictures 557My hubby was so sweet to drive me to class. It was an hour away and I had NO idea where I was going!

blog pictures 560All sweaty after class! I had the best runner’s high–without the running!

How did I fuel for this class today?

blog pictures 547Pre-breakfast: fresh veggie juice

blog pictures 548Breakfast: Oatgurt with protein powder, soaked sunflower seeds & Sunbutter

blog pictures 550Lunch: Sunshine burger over spinach with 1/2 avocado and kabocha squash with Sunbutter. I also had a sunbutter bar before lunch(not pictured).

About two hours before class, I had a small banana with MORE Sunbutter. I think I’m addicted to sunbutter:)

blog pictures 551Immediately after class I drank coconut water with lime. Coconut water is Nature’s Gatorade.

When I got home, I had a piece of gluten free sprouted bread with organic all fruit preserves (no picture as it went in my tummy too fast:)

I can’t wait to go back to class. It is only once a week but I WILL be practicing at home—with a heater on full blast:)

Have a good night! I’m probably going to sleep like a baby:)

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